The Claustrophobic Tale

There was a girl. And her Mum was a coward and feared everything. She was scared of height. She was scared of all sort of diseases. She was scared of being alone and also of being in a crowd.
And she also feared to sleep alone. Therefore when Dad left for business trips, Mum rang to his friends and asked them to come to have a sleep with her. Because she was such a coward. But Dad was angry with her for that and asked her to stop doing like that. Because his friends have their families and they too can be afraid. And so he was feeling confused with his friends because of that. But he could do nothing about her.

So the girl decided to teach Mum to break her fear, and to become daring. Because she was hurt seeing Dad and Mum upset with each other, and wished they did not quarrel. And Mum also panicked with cockroaches.
So the girl caught a cockroach and when Dad again left for his business trip, she put the cockroach to Mum and Dad’s friend into their bed, when they were sleeping. But the cockroach had a short walk around the bed and left for kitchen and they did not make any note of him. Next time she decided to put two cockroaches. And thus she made. But they again noted nothing. Then girl caught three cockroaches, two big, and one tiny-weeny little one. And she put them all to Mum’s bed.

Two big cockroaches had a little walk around and away. But the little cockroach understood nothing, but lost himself in Daddy’s friend hair. And there he found an ear. It was large for him like a white trampoline around a tunnel. And he wondered what is there at the end of the tunnel? And so he broke into a run. He run a little, but there it was dark, nothing visible. So he became terrified and decided to turn back. But it was so tight in there, even for the small cockroach. So he got entirely frightened thinking there is no way to go and his claustrophobia began from that. And so he began beating himself against the walls hysterically and he could do nothing about himself. And then he started biting the walls as he decided to chew his way out to somewhere.

And then Daddy’s friend woke up. But Daddy’s friend had a bass. That is the most terrible voice of what men can get. And Mum frightened from that voice and she woke up and yelled too, first loud until she got hoarse and whispering. Then she stopped shouting and silently sent Dad’s friend to his home. And then she got no longer afraid of sleeping alone, but on a contrary, she feared to sleep with Dad’s friends, as they all had the male voices. And Dad became happy with that and he never, ever went angry with Mum anymore.


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