Zombie Loves Fish

Zombie went fishing. He filled up his pockets with little worms and cocroaches, his little backpack with dynamite, slippers and umbrella to attract fishes once it starts raining. He put on his scarf and shut up the lid.
He turns up and sees the chaps teaching one another the right way to fish. They started teaching him, too. They say:
— Vodka wants to be drunk.

But Zombie cannot drink vodka. Or holy water. To him the world turns violet after those. He’s casted his fishing tackle. Chaps say:
— A worm wants to be hooked.

How a living worm can be hooked? The worm dodges. Chaps are asked for some vodka to rinse up the worm. That one calmed down and quietly got on hook with no trouble. Than thrown with the hook to fishes. The fishes watch the worm is somewhat lacking energy. The most curious swim closer to see. They catch the scent and swim away. Fishes have the dry law.

Chaps say:
— Porridge is wanted.

They gave Zombie some porridge, he ate a bit and thrown the rest to fishes. Fishes had it, but still they don’t get excited over a drunk worm. He’s thrown them some dynamite. Cocroaches woke up: «Is it night already?» — ran managing rustle. Zombie shows them his wrist watch, they calm down.

Fishes are sleeping as well. Zombie shows his watch to them — zero reaction. He shook the chaps pushing them to collect the fishes. Although he did not sleep allday himself. He’s sitting with his rod and pecking with his nose. Chaps say:
— Pull!

Zombie looks at his fishing rod waving left and right under water. He reeled in. He pulls, pulls so hard, just above his strenght, than pulled out a little goldfish. He hugged her and then strokes her head. Little Fish says:
— You’re an idiot. It’s disguisting. When did you look in a mirror last time? Paws off.
Zombie does not have a mirror.

Fish says:
— This is your first wish.
And she put on a dressing mirror to the beach in front of him.

He looked in the mirror and started crying. Fish says:
— Do you want to be handsome? Say ‘No’ to cocroaches.
So he said and turned a normal chap, not a zombie.

Fish asks:
— Your third wish now or after dinner?
Chaps say:
— Democratic advise is wanted.

Zombie discussed things over with a folk and ordered a candlelight dinner with flowers and a golden ring. So that Fish would not escape.

Zombie loves Fish.



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