The Delicious Cat Food

It was delicious cat food on TV. Cat smacked lips and ran to kitchen. There was unappetizing food in her bowl. The Cat smelled, nibbled a tiny bit of it and ran back to the sofa for a quarter of an hour nap before another delicious food show. Ginger cat squinted with pleasure; gray kittens purred like growling dogs; black cat licked the saucer clean, played with fluffy tail around her shoulder and froze arrogant and unapproachable: she beheld a heavenly bliss!

The Cat could not bear it any longer, called the Devil and offered her soul in exchange of a bowl of delicious food. The Devil declined the offer without haggling. Cat called in fifteen minutes, begging to accept. Devil hung up. Cat memorized the number «three sixes», and started calling at any time day and night. Little notes of madness slipped in her voice. She sounded ready for any humiliation for the sake of good food.

The Devil sent his assistant to deal with the problem. Young Demon came back with the assurance that everything has been settled and a suitcase full of mice. The phone stopped calling. Meanwhile the mice multiplied, ate all sinners and moved on to devils.

And then the phone rang. Cat busily informed that she is ready to help with the problem in exchange of a lot of bowls with delicious food. And out of all numbers the cat only knew «treble six»… They sealed the deal.

Devil could have saved 665 bowls…




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