British Countryside Or Back To Russia

British spaces were now planted with Vera Camellia’s creative thought. «Why don’t we hold a competition for ‘Astra Nova’?» — Such is the creative thought came to mind of our well-deserved blonde. And, obedient behest of the creative itch, Camellia threw cry to the TW Writers’ Union, which is herself a member of:

My idea is to make a competition here in the UK: ‘Back To Russia’ or something like that. I could get the best stories translated for Russian ‘Astra Nova’ fiction magazine. That might be fun. And also I would bring back to authors the comments from Russian audience.
The story should be a complete fiction with few conditions:
1) it’s happening in Russia
2) the main character or / and the narrator is Russian
3) it’s happening today
4) it’s not true
5) under 1000 words

The point is to get some subconscious ideas from the depth of one’s mind and get them applied to an unknown reality. That would be extremely interesting for Russian readers — more than Russian fiction about life in the UK.
The official date of the competition is not yet defined, but there already the first reports from interested village writers coming with promises to fulfill and surpass, catch up and kick on. How do  the British imagine our reality? What ideas ferment in their heads when hit by our yeast? How much will  Russian reality be recognizable by Russian reader when seen through the eyes of foreign fiction?

It would be nice to awaken interest to Russia in English writers and to establish an active exchange of views among Russian readers and English writers — to promote the strengthening of international friendship.

And second part of the competition would be same sort of short story written by Russian writers imagining themselves being English writers participating in current competition. Differences and similarities, mismatches and understanding — it’s all going to make a funny game.

Every story is to get up to 6 reviews from Russian jury.
One of the ideas of the ‘Astra Nova’ club (and the magazine) is developing a good level of critiques.


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