The Dragonfly

Hi Paul! Nice to see you flying around. I remember everything about you and suppose you would not mind me telling your story to others. It’s not very common, I know it well and gladly share with everyone who cares… Read More ›

Russian Football

How Russian football differs from the usual? I had lots of ideas, but to be honest, all they are stupid. How rhino differs, say, from giraffe? Of course they differ with their handwriting, what else?! How we used to play?… Read More ›

Little Worms

Zombie went to the bank to put some worms on his account. He says: — Fish does not let me fishing. Maybe, jealous. The little worms are put on a scale and than into a safe. There are paper bank… Read More ›

Cackle fruit

Пиратам вечно не хватало витаминов. Поэтому они возили с собой куриц на грабежи. Курицы несли им фрукты, пираты называли их «каклфрут» (или «кэклфрут» — в зависимости от произношения). Ежевика, костяника, голубика, клубника, земляника, черника… Cackle fruit… я думала-думала над переводом,… Read More ›

Baby indoors

There was a baby crying indoors. Nobody’s seen it, whoever it was — deprived the air, the light and skies — the baby in lair of human lies.